Our name Updating has been specifically chosen to stress our working method.


Updating = "aggiornamento" = "updating"

What does it take to be successful in a world that is changing faster and faster and where competitive advantages are increasingly transitory?

How must IT services and business technologies be to be successful?

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Marketing & Communication

Updating = "updating"

Keep on being Updating on markets and on business models to turn marketing strategies into a communication plan with operative actions.

Updating  starts from a requirements analysis and a study on your company’s positioning to plan together your marketing/communication PATH.

Quickly and with great energy, we define together steps that will allow you to update your approach to communication.

We move with "energy", highlighting needs and opportunities, to bring out IDEAS  from “light”.

We accompany you along a growth path of the image of your Company. 

Our proposal is always tailor made.

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IT Service Updating

Updating = "updating" of IT services and technologies supporting companies to maintain competitiveness and be "in step with the times".


IT Service Updating carries out IT Service Management activities for its customers, it deals with planning, designing and managing the information technology (IT) systems of an organization.

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